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Inaugural Community Blood Drive

January is National Blood Donor Month!

Saturday • February 19th, 2022
Blood donations non-stop all day 9:00am – 3:00pm

Osborne Neighborhood Church
13501 Osborne Street
Arleta, CA 91331

Comfortably indoor spacious arrangements in Fellowship Hall

Open to the public: family, friends, neighbors

Bring picture I.D. & please wear your mask

Walk-Ins Welcome or it’s simple to select your own time in advance

Sat 2/19 • LifeSavers RSVP here:


Everything is completely free for those who successfully donate blood, no charge at all for any of the following:

  • Free parking is available & easily accessible
  • Thank-you gift for wonderful lifesavers
  • Be able to find out your own individual blood type
  • All ages 16/17/18 & up (no upper age limit)
  • Only 16-year-olds specifically require a signed Parent Consent hospital form
  • The majority of common daily medications are allowed
  • COVID vaccination okay after at least 72 hours
  • If one has had COVID (including variants such as Omicron/Delta/etc), it needs to be at least an entire month (28 days) until safe to give blood (completely recuperated no symptoms at all)
  • Ink-work tattoos accepted, along with body/ear piercings (if done at a CA-licensed shop)
  • Safely individually packaged all-you-can-eat refreshment snacks/juices/water
  • There is no cost to you, And please note that no one will be paid for giving a donation.
  • The blood will all go directly for procedures at Cedars-Sinai hospital and will not be sold.
  • All are invited & join us to support this important cause!

We need help with setting up future Blood Drives! If you can host your very own donation day (completely free, no cost) please contact directly:

Dave Keys: email • (310) 717-5996 text

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