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Sidewalk Report Gains Traction

L.A. Controller Ron Galperin’s recent report urging policymakers to make sweeping changes to the City’s sidewalk repair program has quickly gained attention from City leaders, community advocates, local and national media, and residents across Los Angeles. Today, the City Council’s Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee will hear the report and recommendations at its meeting. The goal of Controller Galperin’s report is to get L.A.’s 9,000 miles of pedestrian walkways fixed more quickly.

Featured media coverage:

"It’s no secret to anyone who has ever walked the streets in Los Angeles that our sidewalks are in dreadful shape," said Controller Galperin. "But our sidewalk repair program is broken and the City is moving too slowly to make any difference. Our leaders must adopt a new path forward to make L.A. a more walkable, accessible, and safe city for everyone."

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