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LA Mayor Bass Releases New ‘Inside Safe’ Plan to Combat Homelessness

  • The order: She instructed her staff to “create a strategy of large-scale citywide coordination.” Her ‘Inside Safe Initiative’ will determine “the highest need encampments across the city, especially focusing on encampments that are chronic and have a high demand for services.”
  • Some of the details: The plan aims to identify both interim and permanent housing resources for each person living in an encampment, create a strategy to acquire housing units, and centralize data collection on all relevant matters including housing availability, placement, and retention.
  • What’s next: Bass has created a cabinet of department heads dealing with homelessness, led by Chief of Housing and Homeless Solutions Mercedes Marquez. The mayor has asked for a report back on how to move forward by March 31, 2023.

Read more about the plan here.

Click here to read the Inside Safe Directive.

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