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Halloween Safety Tips

As many of you may know, there have been a number of traffic collisions, some with fatalities, that have occurred in the local community in recent days.

These incidents highlight the critical importance of operating a motor vehicle in a responsible manner and the tragic consequences of not doing so, especially when factors such as high speeds or distracted or impaired driving are involved.

As we approach Halloween, please remember that during this time of year, there may be more pedestrians on our streets than usual. If you find yourself driving this weekend, especially at night, please remember to obey all traffic regulations, drive extra cautiously without distraction, and - most importantly - slow down, being mindful of children and pedestrians that may be walking or crossing the street.

If you are walking, we urge you and your loved ones to be cautious and make sure you are keenly aware of your surroundings as you traverse from house to house and from street to street. For more pedestrian safety tips in addition to the few above, please visit:

By being safe, staying aware, and doing our part, together we can ensure that the weekend is fun for everyone in the community.

We wish everyone a safe and memorable Halloween weekend.

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