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Homekey Project Site Houses 40 Families Experiencing Homelessness in District 6

This week, 40 families experiencing homelessness in the Northeast Valley moved into Parthenia Place, a brand new apartment complex in Council District 6 and first site to open under Project Homekey⁣ in the City of Los Angeles.⁣

⁣Many of these families come from motels, where the city is actively providing educational assistance to families and children experiencing homelessness. Motels may provide shelter, but they are not conducive⁣ for families, especially for growing children suffering through a jolting and confusing experience.⁣

As Chair of the COVID-19 Adhoc Committee, along with her Council colleagues, Councilperson Nury Martinez approved $200 million in federal CARES Act funding to provide housing for the unhoused, including Project Homekey, which allowed the City to purchase 15 motels and apartment buildings throughout the City to quickly provide 750 units, including Parthenia⁣ Place and two motels in Council District 6.⁣

See CBSLA Video here

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