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Loud Parties

A certain level of noise is part of modern life.
However, excessive noise can affect your quality of life.

Summer brings an increase in outdoor entertaining.
Be a good neighbor-consider the hour and music volume when entertaining.

You can be given a citation if a gathering becomes loud enough to disturb the peace of those around you, LA Municipal Code 112.01(b)

A 'Loud Party' does not depend on size and examples include parties with amplified music or other amplified devices and loud guests inside and outside a residence.
Parties may include related problems including loud vehicles with loud stereos, vehicles blocking resident’s access, neighborhood litter, criminal mischief such as vandalism, public drinking and urination and more serious crimes of violence.

Loud Party Ordinances:

Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) 41.57:  Prohibits loud or raucous noise from any amplified device including loud noise coming from one's home and any publicly owned property including a public park, street or sidewalk.

LAMC 112.01: Any noise caused by radios, television sets and similar devices audible to the human ear at a distance in excess of 150 feet from property line is a violation.

The LAPD may issue a citation on the first response. No warning is required.

Disorderly conduct may result in arrest

If there is a LOUD Party in your neighborhood:

  • First consider the hour, place, nature of the noise, and other circumstances.
  • If you feel comfortable contact the resident. Calmly ask them to reduce the volume.
  • Call the LAPD non emergency number-(877)275-5273 (877-ASK-LAPD). You may request that your identity be kept confidential.
  • Be prepared with details: address, size of the event and if you contacted the residents
  • Leave a call back number so the LAPD can confirm if the party is still a problem.

When you are planning a party:

  • Consider your neighbors including day of the week, time of event and number of guests.
  • Notify neighbors of a planned party including the time the party will end.
  • Control guests and anyone admitted to your party including outside and on your street.
  • Periodically check your neighborhood to correct problems including cars blocking neighbor’s driveways and inappropriate behavior including litter, drinking, urinating.
  • If the Police show up at your party, fully cooperate with them
  • If you lose control of your party end it yourself. If you are unable to, call 911
  • Do not allow minors access to alcohol
  • Do not allow guests that have been drinking to drive - arrange for a ride or call a cab
  • Do not have too many parties in one year.

During business hours refer ongoing problems to your Senior Lead Officer, Lee Perry #34733. Cell Phone 818-634-0624. Office Phone 818-838-9844.
During non business hours contact the Mission Area Front Desk at 818-838-9800.
Prepared by Mission Area Community Police Advisory Board, Public Nuisance Committee

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